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Download the Striker II Helper for iPhone & iPod touch users
Satisfy your inner Ninja.

Program Size Requirements
USB Missile Launcher Software(click to download) 334kb (tiny) Windows XP (SP2), Vista, Windows 7
iPhone App (click to download) 2Mb (small) iPod Touch, iPhone
    With the USB Missile Launcher Software (all by itself) you can...
  • Control any number of Striker II: USB Laser Guided Missile Launchers
  • Control any number of Dream Cheeky USB Missile Launchers
  • Control any number of generic USB Missile Launchers
  • Connect all brands, models, and as many you want, mix and match and control them all!
  • The only program you need to control any usb missile launcher
  • Do all this for FREE
    With the Striker II Helper and your iPhone or iPod touch running the Striker II and PC Off App you can...
  • Do all the above, but with your iPhone or iPod touch!
  • Remotely shutdown, restart, hibernate, standby, lock, and log off your PC with your iPhone or iPod touch
  • The iPhone App automatically discovers your connected missile launchers.


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