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Razorba® War Hammer™ Back Hair Shaver
List price: $89.95
Price: $75
You Save: $14.95 (17%)
Availability: In Stock!
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"Sharp new back shaver." - Stuff Magazine
"If you'd like to put your back hair days behind you, perform a reach-around with the Razorba."
-Maxim Magazine
Bob and Tom Show Budget Living Chicago Tribune
Country 100.7 FM Dallas Morning News Drew Mike WRIF
FHM Magazine Gizmodo Incroyable! (French TV)
Mark & Brian KLOS Maxim Magazine Max 106.3
Menz Magazine Men's Health MOJO Radio AM 640
Morning Drive CKLW Morning X 89X Radio MTV Canada
New York Daily News Paul & Ron 94.9 Radio Radio Go Daddy
Ron & Don WKLQ Soap Talk with Lisa Rinna (TV) Stuff Magazine
Sync Magazine Time Out Chicago Woody Show KMMX
Unscrewed with Martin Sargent (TV) Urban Male Magazine USA Today
V Graham Norton (TV) Comedy Central WHP 580 Talk Radio

Got Back Hair? Shave it YOURSELF!
Let's face it guys women hate back hair. The Razorba® [ray-zore-buh] solves the problem of back hair. The Raz is a convenient, do it yourself, painless and embarrassment free solution to back hair removal. Never go to the salon again for a painful, expensive, embarrassing back wax. Don't waste your money on expensive laser treatment that will not stop new hair growth. Don't beg your girlfriend to shave it for you. Don't permanently scar your back with hair removal creams. Break out the Razorba® before going to the pool, on vacation or a date. Quickly and easily rid yourself of back hair!

Shaving will not cause hair to grow back thicker longer or darker (Mayo Clinic). Use your hands or a back brush to apply shaving cream. Join the tens of thousands of Razorba® users around the world, all for less than the cost of one back waxing

War Hammer Features:
  • Electric shaving with a Gillette M3Power
  • Super Shock Solid Core™ design
  • Hamr Grip™ II grabbing technology
  • The best Razorba® made
  • Head size: large, color: orange
  • Compatible with:
    Gillette Fusion Power
    Gillette Fusion, Gillette M3Power
    Gillette Phantom, Gillette Mach 3
    Gillette Sensor Excel
    Bic and most disposables.


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