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Download the Striker II Helper for iPhone & iPod touch users
Satisfy your inner Ninja.

Striker II: REPLACEMENT CD Striker II: USB Laser Guided Missile Launcher Replacement Foam USB Missiles
 Own the office  Defend your cubicle  Reload
Razorba® Back Hair Shaver Ninja Remote™ Presidential Polygraph™
 Easily solve your back hair problem  Get beat up at bars  Don't fear the truth.
Razorba® War Hammer™ Back Hair Shaver Razorba® Silencer™ Back Hair Shaver USB Polygraph
 Easily solve your back hair problem  Easily solve your back hair problem  Get the truth.
Razorba® Stud Stamper™ Applicator Brush Striker II Replacement CD
 Easily solve your back hair problem  Get back online


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